fishing for likes (or validation of existence ?)

What makes these people try to appeal to other humans across this vast network of tubes we call the internet? In most part, these are other humans that they have never, and will never meet.


This video pretty much sums it up:



This photograph is from a real point in my existence when I got up pre dawn to see the sunrise at York Beach, Maine.


Fishing for likes:)York beach.stroked


One thought on “fishing for likes (or validation of existence ?)

  1. This video…so sad but so true. The fact is, we all want to be loved, all want attention. Even we who are shy, introverted. Deep on the inside, we desire fame and to be known for something. God loves us but we want to be loved by people as well. So we blog and we status and we share. We hope that despite claiming a desire to be left alone, we want to feel special. And, when we write and we share and no one takes an interest, we often lose hope. Because we don’t really know how to be that person that everyone is drawn to or we know but are afraid to try. When that happens, many conclude the same thing. Life must suck. It really doesn’t though. It’s just that we count too much on affirmation from strangers. Self love it the most difficult. Determining one’s own talents is difficult. So we count on others to see in us what we are unable to see in ourselves. If you can’t sing, dance or tell a great story it’s much more difficult. I don’t even know myself what the answer is. A problem is always easier to recognize that the solution.

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