time to book your photo shoot . . .

A photoshoot should always be fun, relaxed and enjoyable, no matter if you are a professional or if it is your first time in front of a camera. Most people that do business or networking of any kind need a business portrait.

A good professional business portrait is so important to your business. Not just for LinkedIn or other social media networking sites but for your own business website and marketing materials as well.

Are you an artist, author, musician or other creative? We will work to create something unique for you to use in your marketing materials, website, book jacket, CD cover or other products. In the studio or on location, it’s up to you.

So there is really no excuse not to have a professional business portrait for you to grow your business. So why not put your best foot forward and get a new business portrait created for you. We’ll get you taken care of. Email us today to book your photo session at DavidLeeBlack@gmail.com


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