nothing happens until something moves

“Nothing happens until something moves.”

~Albert Einstein



one cool cat . . .

One very Cool Cat!

And one of a kind . . .

R.A. Fish – Cool Cats of New England



in truth we had found the key . . .

“In truth we had found the key
But its application would unravel this mystery . . .”

~A Passage in Time
Dead Can Dance
bevin-soloman-providence-17This photograph was taken in Providence, RI with the wildly talented international belly dancer, Bevin Soloman.

if we all were judged . . .

“We must always take risks. That is our destiny.
If we all were judged according to the consequences of all our words and deeds, beyond the intention and beyond our limited understanding of ourselves and others, we should all be condemned.
Only by acceptance of the past will you alter its meaning.
Every moment is a fresh beginning . . .”

~T.S. Elliot