everyone has a candle . . .

“cruthaitheach . . .”

“Everyone starts with talent; everyone has a candle and it shines. Most people let it go out or other people blow it out for them.”

~Cees Nooteboom






in truth we had found the key . . .

“In truth we had found the key
But its application would unravel this mystery . . .”

~A Passage in Time
Dead Can Dance
bevin-soloman-providence-17This photograph was taken in Providence, RI with the wildly talented international belly dancer, Bevin Soloman.

Oh, the thinks you can think . . .

“When your thinks have run dry,
In the blink of an eye
There’s another think there!
If you open your mind,
Oh, the thinks you will find
Lining up to get loose!
Oh, the thinks you can think . . .”

~Dr. Seuss



alien creature created by RISD student!

I photograph some pretty unusual events but this series of Rhode Island School of Design’s students creating alien creatures from scratch in the Big Nazo Lab of Providence, Rhode Island is at the top of the list.  What fun!